Business Strategy
& Development

Lena Cohen-Hawkins is a powerhouse business consultant, with high level experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors. Lena is known for her relentless drive and uncanny ability to build and grow successful programs. From working with companies like CBS, Prudential Financial, Warner Media, RWJ/Barnabas and The United States Army, to founding a non-profit and serving on several boards and commissions. Lena has a business acumen that’s proven successful. Not only does Lena have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the business world, but she has a strong passion for helping others and serving the community. Lena holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from Kean University and a master’s degree in human service from Liberty University.



Acquisition & Investor

Andrea Melton is a founding partner of CINQ Investments LLC based in New Jersey. CINQ has represented business in the residential and commercial industry space in a wide array of real estate transactions. CINQ has built a base of solid private investors and corporate clients through fix and flips and buy and holds. In addition, Andrea is a successful Real Estate agent with Keller Williams and has over 23 years of management, coaching, planning and leadership experience. Working with various colleagues and customers has given Andrea a natural understanding of people’s needs and desires. She is extremely patient, adaptable, and highly adept in orchestrating transactions and negotiations.



Underwriting & Financial

April Nicole Brown has 15 years of Banking experience. She is currently a Lender at Bank of New York Mellon, ranked the number one Private Bank in the US. From San Francisco’s Financial District to Wall Street, April has structured real estate transactions that have developed below market rate housing, in addition to other mixed use community revitalizing properties. Including the recent renovation and addition of affordable housing for the Dance Theater of Harlem and the construction of Sunset Park library with the addition of affordable housing. As a graduate of UC Berkeley, she obtained her bachelor’s degree in international business and is currently completing a master’s in finance at Harvard Extension.